L33T Gaming Chairs: Three cool gaming chairs for three different gamer types

L33T-Gaming is launching three cool, new gaming chairs on the market – designed for the novice, the more experienced and the professional gamer!
The L33T EXTREME GAMING CHAIR combines functionality, cool design and sublime comfort in one fantastic chair! The well-thought out design with sweat-absorbent PU leather provides optimum ventilation in both the seat and the backrest, while the thick padding makes the experience extra comfortable. Even the armrests are padded and together with the adjustable lumbar support and integrated neck rest, you can stay on top for hours of intense gaming.  The L33T EXTREME GAMING CHAIR comes in four different colour combinations. (All black | blue-black | green-black | red-black)
SRP. 174.90 €
The L33T E-SPORT GAMING CHAIR is a high quality gaming chair, inside and out. Built for maximum performance when it counts – and crammed with ultra professional features such as a complete 16 mm steel frame, metal base, moulded seat and backrest with ergonomic shape, adjustable 4D armrests, which provide increased comfort, and the option of adjusting the arm position both inwards and outwards, vertically and horizontally – and with adjustable neck and lumbar cushions. Durable PU leather with hard-wearing harlequin-patterned friction surfaces on both the backrest and seat, combined with an extra powerful absorber and lift, help make the L33T E-SPORT GAMING CHAIR a real pleasure to sit in and a must-have tool for the E-sport gamer! Available in four different colour combinations. (Black-white | black-red | black-green | black-blue)
SRP. 269.00 €
The L33T E-SPORT PRO GAMING CHAIR is a gaming chair designed for the discerning E-sport gamer who doesn’t want to compromise. A professional gaming chair with features that include a 19 mm steel frame, an ergonomic pressure-relieving moulded backrest and seat with breathable function, as well as in-built lumbar support and adjustable neck rest, giving the body optimum conditions for staying fresh and battle-ready for hours at a time. The solid and essential 4D armrests put an end to aching arms, providing increased comfort and the option of adjusting the arm position both inwards and outwards, vertically and horizontally. The L33T E-SPORT PRO GAMING CHAIR is made with a wealth of details and is covered in ultra durable and breathable PU leather with exclusive Alcantara decorations on the sides. Belt support in the backrest and seat and a powerful multifunctioning lift complete the experience. Available in black with green precision stitching.
SRP. 299.00 €
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It all started with a series of innovative gaming chairs, and today L33T-GAMING develops a broad and exciting program of gaming equipment for both the novice, the more experienced and the professional gamer. L33T-GAMING develops everything from quality gaming chairs and tables in stunning designs to cool gaming backpacks and other practical equipment and accessories – all with one focus: ‘the perfect gaming set-up’.
For Gamers, ‘leetspeak’ is a language in the gaming community, since only those who know the code can understand the text – virtually a form of encryption. It is, inter alia, the gamer- and hacker culture that has helped developing ‘leetspeak’. The language, which dates back to the beginning of the 1980’s, is based on abbreviations and alternative spellings, where figures and symbols are often included as a substitute for letters, which makes it faster and easier to chat and send messages.
L33T is slang for ‘elite’ and it cannot be said more explicit what our mission is: Focusing on the immediate needs of the gamer, we strive to be the preferred choice and become closely related to those who simply wants to be the best.
More info at www.l33t-gaming.com
Aurora Group’s business concept consists of creating value for our partners by building brands and building business. Our goal is to be the strongest partner in the Nordics, to be respected for our concepts and service provision, and trusted for our highly qualified employees and excellent delivery.
Aurora Group was founded in 1999 through a merger between the Danish Rudolph Schmidt A/S (founded in 1915), Norwegian OSK Elektrotilbehør AS (founded in 1937), Swedish Ortoconnex AB (founded in 1981) and Finnish Teletarvike Järvinen Oy (founded in 1982). In 2006, the group was expanded with Norwegian tCom AS (1995), and in 2010, we added Swedish white goods brand Hanestrom (1999) and Gameo (1930) to our range. In 2013, Aurora Group was acquired by the listed Swedish distribution group DistIT AB, whose growth strategy involves the acquisition of well-run niche distributors in IT and electronics.
Aurora Group is currently a leading partner in the Nordics with more than 100 years’ experience in electronics, and with a presence in 10 different countries. The distribution is based from a central warehouse in Jönköping and a satellite warehouse in Lilla Edet in Sweden. Internal sales are done locally, while support and back office are supplied by the head office in Ballerup, Denmark.
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