L33T-Gaming E-Sport – a new breed of gaming chairs

We asked ourselves: How should the perfect gaming chair look? Our designers took up the challenge  and came up with the E-Sport. An all-new premium quality gaming chair – awesome from top to bottom. Built for maximum performance and loaded with features such as cold molded foam seat and backrest with ergonomic shape, tilt and rocking mechnism, 180 degrees decline, lumbar and neck cushions and 4D armrests providing increased comfort and both vertical and horizontal adjustment.

The L33T-Gaming E-Sport features durable PU leather with extra strong harlequin patterned friction surface on both the backrest and seat. The ultra powerful lift and the professional belt support in the back and seat provides outstanding comfort – and makes the E-Sport a must-have for the ambitous e-sport gamer.

Oh, and you can have it in four cool colours: Red, blue, green and white. Pick your favourite – and let the game begin!