L33T-Gaming Elite V3 – a tribute to gamers

Even the best things can always be refined. That is why we are introducing a new generation of the succesful Elite series. The new Elite V3 Gaming Chair is a true tribute to all gamers and fans of the genre who wants a high standard gaming chair without having to compromise.

The Elite V3 Gaming Chair is loaded with professional features such as built-in high quality memory foam in seat and back, which is not only pressure relieving, but also has an improved ability to spread and absorb heat. Furthermore, the seat and back has built-in belts that provide optimal comfort for hours of use.

The Elite V3 Gaming Chair comes in two versions: One covered with cool, thick and durable PU leather – and one with an awesome breathable fabric cover that completes the experience of perfection.

The new Elite V3 Gaming Chair is available this summer.