Ambush Esport

Ambush Esport


L33T-Gaming is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the CS:GO team; Ambush Esport! The team consists of Inzta, holzt, tmL, kwezz, smF and coach m0dEx.

Ambush is much more than just an esport organisation with a solid foundation and amazing players. Ambush has the ambition to spread awareness and develop acceptance of esport to the point, where it is equally recognized alongside any other sport in the world and to include all who wishes to be a part of esports and make it available to everyone. Furthermore, they have a unique focus on children and bullying that we at L33T-Gaming are proud to support and help put a focus on.

Zouheir Chrei, CEO at Ambush, says:

“Our newest partnership between L33T-Gaming and Ambush is much more than just a sponsorship. It’s a partnership and part of that means to help the world of esports evolve and make it an even better place than it is today. Together, we wish to help kids around the world get a better understanding of teamwork, work-ethics and what esports is really about.”

Casper Vilhelmsen, Marketing Manager at Ambush, explains;

“As an organization, we are looking forward to a long and healthy relationship with L33T-Gaming. With their support, the many hours of practise will be more comfortable than ever – and we look forward inviting young talents to out boot camp facilities, to try out the best gaming chairs on the market.”


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