Game On LAN

We are proud to be sponsoring the VR challenge at Game On LAN 3 on March 8 – 10. The event is held in Stallarholmen, Sweden, for boys and girls between 10 and 19 years of age (younger can attend if accompanied by a parent the whole event). The goal is to introduce young gamers to the world of e-sports in smaller events before trying out larger ones like Dreamhack. Game On LAN does this by offering them the possibility to get together under safe and well organized circumstances, to have fun and measure their gaming skills against one another.

The place we use is Mötesplatsen, Gula Industrihuset in Stallarholmen with very well suited areas for our purpose. The LAN will be from Friday evening to Sunday lunch. At the event, you can buy food, drinks and snacks, or bring your own if you wish. Toilets, showers and a resting area (where attendees can stay overnight if they wish) is also available at the site. Also, there is a large stage where we will have raffles and different competitions during the weekend. There is a max number of seats of 92 available at the event – on a first come first serve basis!

More info and links to the registration at: