Ulti Gaming Series – Sello mart event

Ulti Gaming Series – Sello mart event


L33T-Gaming proudly sponsored the Fortnite gaming event in the centre of the Sello mall in Finland. The event was a 3-day e-sports tournament during the winter holidays from the 20th – 22nd March 2019 hosted by Ultimate Ability Entertainment. L33T-Gaming sponsored 12 seat gaming areas and we had a demo area with our gaming chairs.

More than 650 gamers passed through the gaming area to qualify for the daily finals. The gaming was facilitated by local YouTube profiles and the tournaments were streamed on YouTube and Twitch. On Friday, UAE held a panel discussion on esports with the Finnish Sports- and Culture minister Sampo Terho as one of the panelists.

“Ulti esports was looking for a strong visual look and high quality products for our gaming area. As we already had some L33T-Gaming products in our use, it was easy decision for us to make a call to L33T-Gaming in regards of sponsorship”, CEO Antti Orasvuo.

After the event, the top 3 players were all approached by esports teams.

More info (in Finnish): www.sello.fi/ajankohtaista/jannitysta-tihkuva-fortnite-pelitapahtuma-saapuu-selloon-20-2222019

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