Event Andst Netparty

Event Andst Netparty


We are proud to be sponsoring Event Andst Netparty on April 13th. The event is held in the small town Andst in Denmark and it is for boys and girls from the local school.

The primary goal of the event is to see how the community will adapt to this type of event, before they will go live for a larger event, where children from other cities will be able to join in as well.

The whole setup is done by Event Andst, which is a local organization under aui.dk – the local youth and sports club in Andst – and with a joined effort from local IT personnel that will be in charge of the network and server setup.

For this first time event, 50 children have signed up to have a great time – and 50 is quite many for a town like Andst.

The tournaments will be in CS-GO (Wingmen), FIFA (PS4) and Fortnite.

The LAN party will be a one day event on a Saturday. The payment for entering the event is including food and 1 drink (soda or water), but it is possible to buy drinks and snacks or bring your own if you wish.

Sponsoring these smaller events is part of L33T-Gaming’s ambition to assist in reaching out to both children and adults who wish to be part of esports and join in on the fun at LAN parties.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AndstUngdomsOgIdraetsforening/