Odense Esport

Odense Esport


L33T-Gaming is happy to announce our partnership with Odense Esport! Odense Esport is growing fast, and we are looking forward to following them on their journey.

The organization offers training for students at HF and VUC Fyn, and also at their club facility based in Odense, where they have almost 100 eager members to play CS:GO, Fortnite and FIFA – now in L33T-Gaming chairs.

Jens Martinus Pedersen, CEO at Odense Esport, says:

“We are happy and proud to announce a partnership with L33T-gaming, who is a strong and ambitious partner for Odense Esport. We’re excited to show and offer L33T-Gaming products for our esport members, event guests, and fans. Our engagement in Dansk Esport Uddannelse (Danish Esport Education) means clubs, schools and organizations also can gain benefits from our partnership with L33T-Gaming.”

Odense Esport was established in 2016 and has ever since been running professional esport teams, developed state-of-the-art training concepts and organized innovative esport events such as Fortnite Fever and FIFA Fever. Furthermore, Odense Esport arranged the LAN part of Odincon 2018.

Overall, Odense Esport has 15 employees consisting of administrators, event planners, esport trainers, and players. Odense Esport has recently taken over the Danish Esport Education (DEU) and all of its related events. Since 2017, DEU has developed and delivered courses for esport trainers on degree programmes.

Go check out Odense Esport’s webside for more info – you can also buy your very own L33T-Gaming chair: www.odense-esport.dk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OdenseEsport/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/OdenseEsport

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/odenseesport

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