L33T-Gaming E-Sport Pro Series: New range of gaming chairs with strength and comfort in mind

Excellence, Superior and Ultimate are the names of the three new gaming chairs from L33T-Gaming. They have been designed based on feedback from gamers all over the world, and with a focus on extra strength, width and comfort.

After just a few years on the market, L33T-Gaming has reached cult status among gamers. Now this fast-growing brand is introducing yet another range of chairs, based on input from users at several levels in the E-sport. The Excellence, Superior and Ultimate come in L, XL, and XXL respectively, and have been designed with extra strength, extra width and extra comfort. They also come with a wide range of features to meet the active gamer’s needs.

The E-Sport Excellence (L) comes with professional features, such as a strong, cold-rolled steel frame that ensures extreme durability and stability. L33T-Gaming’s designers have replaced the traditional lumbar cushion with a built-in mechanical lumbar brace, which increases comfort and encourages a healthy posture, while the straps in the seat and back provide optimal support and maintain body balance. The adjustable armrests with three different settings ensure optimal comfort for the arms and wrists, while the multifunctional lifting mechanism gives the E-Sport Excellence a degree of adjustability options.

Size L – extra wide seat (max load 150 kg)

Built-in lumbar support and straps in the seat and back for extra support

165-degree adjustable backrest

The E-Sport Superior (XL) is characterised by high quality throughout. It is inspired by some of the world’s leading car seat manufacturers, but made by L33T-Gaming’s own designers, who right from the start wanted to build an exclusive chair with several luxury features. For example, the strong steel frame forms a stable base, while the thick special foam always ensures perfect pressure relief and optimal ergonomics. The breathable PU leather provides optimum comfort for hours of intense gaming, while the detachable neck and lumbar cushions give the body extra support in all the right places.

Size XL – extra wide seat (max load 165 kg)

Extra thick breathable PU leather

180-degree adjustable backrest

The E-Sport Ultimate is the unrivalled, extra wide and ultra modern gaming chair that everyone has been waiting for. Here, L33T-Gaming’s designers have optimised even the smallest of details: the seat is extra wide and has extra thick padding, and both the seat and backrest contain high quality cold foam, providing unprecedented ventilation abilities. The chair is based on a frame of two-millimetre thick cold-rolled steel combined with an extra wide, heavy aluminium foot, providing sublime stability. Ultimate is made in a Nordic gaming design, which is elegant with many practical details to complete the experience of ultimate luxury and comfort.

Size XXL – extra wide and thick seat (max load 185 kg)

Extra thick breathable PU leather and cold foam with high ventilation ability

Frame in two-millimetre thick cold-rolled steel and wide base in aluminium

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It all started with a series of innovative gaming chairs, and today L33T-GAMING develops a broad and exciting program of gaming equipment for both the novice, the more experienced and the professional gamer. L33T-GAMING develops everything from quality gaming chairs and tables in stunning designs to cool gaming backpacks and other practical equipment and accessories – all with one focus: ‘the perfect gaming set-up’.
For Gamers, ‘leetspeak’ is a language in the gaming community, since only those who know the code can understand the text – virtually a form of encryption. It is, inter alia, the gamer- and hacker culture that has helped developing ‘leetspeak’. The language, which dates back to the beginning of the 1980’s, is based on abbreviations and alternative spellings, where figures and symbols are often included as a substitute for letters, which makes it faster and easier to chat and send messages.
L33T is slang for ‘elite’ and it cannot be said more explicit what our mission is: Focusing on the immediate needs of the gamer, we strive to be the preferred choice and become closely related to those who simply wants to be the best.

Introducing L33T-Gaming E-Sport Pro Series