New identity

L33T-Gaming: Brand new identity

– We are Vikings –


Copenhagen, September 5th 2019 – L33T-Gaming unveils a brand new identity with focus on Vikings and Norse mythology.

The epic myths of war, magic, betrayal, triumph and ruin in the Viking era is the foundation for L33T-Gaming’s new identity. The Vikings fought tough battles and were heavily depended on their weapons; just as gamers are today, so “We are Vikings” speaks to all in the gaming community.

The new identity is characterized by a raven as it is known to be fearsome, powerful and highly intelligent in Norse mythology. They decide who lives, who dies and who goes to Valhalla. Designed by tattoo artist Collin Dale, a specialist in Norse symbolism, mythology and style, the raven is unique to L33T-Gaming and represents the Nordic origins, heritage and values.

True to the mythology, the new L33T-Gaming product families are based upon the pantheon of Norse gods. Each series consists of a range of equipment aimed at satisfying gamers at different levels from the newly started to the professional gamer and hopefully inspire more gamers than ever to go after greater challenges and immerse themselves into the world of E-Sports.

The new series

The three series are named after principal gods: Heimdall, Tyr and Thor. Instead of calling the products mice, headsets and keyboard, the products correspond to the origins and values. Therefore, mice are called “hand weapons”, headsets are “helmets” keyboards “boards” and mouse mats “shields”. The names are chosen in honor of the mythical and legendary heroes, creatures, weapons and artifacts.

The Heimdall series

Heimdall is one of the most mysterious gods. His heightened senses make him the Guardian of Bifrost. So keen is his hearing that he hears the grass grow and so sharp is his eye sight that he sees 50 miles both day and night. When Ragnarök comes, he will summon the gods to fight, be the last to die and the first to be reborn. Heimdall’s Series is the most attractive and robust starting series ever. It is pitched towards sports/leisure gamers. With trickle down technology adopted from higher level L33T-Gaming series, both new starters and en­thusiasts will emerge themselves in the game as they prepare for even greater challenges.

The Tyr series

Tyr is the principal ancient God of War and the Lawgiver of the Gods. As the bravest of the gods, it is Tyr who makes the binding of Fenrir possible by sacrificing his right hand and thus saves Asgard and the gods. Even today, Tyr is a part of your life, as Tuesday is named after him. Gaming is becoming more than a game to you, and you are looking for even greater challenges. Tyr’s Series has been created for the sports/endurance gamers. With trickle down technology adopted from higher level L33T-Gaming series, the Tyr Series will satisfy your need for speed, accuracy and glory on the battlefield.

The Thor series

Thor is the God of Thunder and the ideal of all warriors. His courage and sense of duty are unshakeable. His physical strength and skills as a warrior are legendary – as is his weapon, the mighty warhammer Mjolnir. He is the protector of Asgard and the champion of mankind. Thor’s Series empower more gamers than ever before to go for greater challenges. It will become the series that experienced gamers choose to help them train for and play in serious tournaments. Optimizing input to maximize output. That’s how it achieves supremacy. The Thor’s Series will motivate and inspire more gamers than ever to go after greater challenges.


Information and press contact

For questions and for loan of products for testing, contact:

Rikke Sophie Larsen

+45 30 85 16 23


About L33T-Gaming

It all started with a series of innovative gaming chairs, and today L33T-Gaming develops a broad and exciting program of gaming equipment for both the novice, the more experienced and the professional gamer. L33T-Gaming develops everything from quality gaming chairs and tables in stunning designs to mice, headset, keyboards and other cool equipment and accessories – all with one focus: ‘the perfect gaming set-up’.

For Gamers, ‘leetspeak’ is a language in the gaming community, since only those who know the code can understand the text – virtually a form of encryption. It is, inter alia, the gamer- and hacker culture that has helped developing ‘leetspeak’. The language, which dates to the beginning of the 1980’s, is based on abbreviations and alternative spellings, where figures and symbols are often included as a substitute for letters, which makes it faster and easier to chat and send messages.

L33T is slang for ‘elite’ and it cannot be said more explicit what our mission is: Focusing on the immediate needs of the gamer, we strive to be the preferred choice and become closely related to those who simply wants to be the best.