”SJ is a Finnish esports organization founded in 2017 as SuperJymy. The organization was created as a part of the most prolific Finnish baseball club Sotkamon Jymy. In 2019 SuperJymy detached itself from the baseball club and rebranded into SJ Gaming. In the early 2021 SJ Gaming was rebranded to SJ with a fresh new brand image and brand message Play Brave.”

Bona about the keyboard:

”The top quality blue switches on this keyboard ensures great movement and positioning in the game. The RGB colours of this keyboards is amazing to get that custom look on your setup.”


Jelo about Gungnir mouse:

”The low response switches on Gungnir ensures stable aim throughout the map. The rubber padding on the sides ensures a stable grip even in overtime.”


Jelo about Huginn headset:

”The dual option of AUX and USB is always a handy feature on a headset. The headband is easily adjustable to stay comfortable to wear while winning.”


Arvid and Saddyx about the E-sport Pro XL chair:

”The E-Sport Pro XL is the high quality chair you need to really get comfortable winning.”